Nelson Police Department

School Zones


The Nelson Police Department wants to remind everyone that with return of kids to regular classes, the school zones in Nelson have become busy hives of activity in the morning and after the school day ends.  Extra awareness and caution is suggested during this time when everyone is getting back into the new routine and reduced speed limits being back in place in these areas.

In the past there have been several concerns raised with drivers not paying attention or following speed limit and other traffic direction in these areas.  It is also children, parent and teachers responsibility to ensure everyone is using proper and safe crossing practices, looking before crossing and using cross walks.  This may not always be happening, due to a momentary lapse in judgement or excited to get home for some special event or activity.

Nelson Police Officers will be making extra patrols in and around the schools conducting enforcement.  Please exercise a little extra patience and attentiveness when travelling through these zones.  Taking an extra 10 seconds may save a life!