Nelson Police Department – LVR School


The Nelson Police Department, in partnership with School District 8,  LVR School and the Nelson Police Restorative Justice Program have been working tirelessly on a case of vandalism that took place late Sunday evening.  A few students broke into LVR School afterhours and opened doors for numerous others to join them inside the school.  What seems to have been intended as a graduation prank soon got out of hand.  The result was the vandalism to numerous floors of the school, including classrooms and the staff lounge.


Members of the Nelson Police Department were notified of the incident after the event had concluded.  Officers attended to find the basement, main level and third floor defaced with shaving cream, glitter, ketchup, mustard, food dye, sugar, flour, rice and approximately 80 raw chicken eggs.  The school principal was summoned to the school in order to see the extent of the vandalism.  Upon viewing the extent of the damages, a decision was made to close the school to students until it was again habitable.


Staff from throughout the school district were called in to help rectify the mess.  Several parents volunteered their time to help clean up.  Due to health and safety concerns no students were permitted to assist in the clean up.  Between 35-45 adults worked the entire day to restore the school to a point that it was suitable for students.


The Nelson Police Department worked closely with school staff and cooperative students in order to conduct a thorough investigation into what can be characterized as a criminal Break and Enter and Mischief over $5000.  Tenacious officers conducted close to 20 interviews over the next few days.  As a result of this investigative work, four students were arrested and released.  Charges are being considered against some of the instigators.


Fortunately, the majority of the students have agreed to participate in the Nelson Police Restorative Justice Program. LVR staff, parents, the director of the restorative justice program and numerous volunteers are already working toward a resolution to this event.  Together, these community partners will work with the students toward achieving a responsible solution to the problem created by this harmful behaviour.