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Oxygen Art Centre is excited to launch their education program for the whole of 2023.

The program features 36 different courses in a myriad of disciplines including writing, film, singing, acting, printmaking, painting, and drawing. Oxygen’s unique programming and incredible local artist instructors provide a rich experience to learn creatively together.

The spring semester is broken into two four-week sessions that span spring break, and the fall semester runs for 8 weeks straight starting mid-September. There are a variety of different course formats from one-day intensives to multi-week with both online and in-person options.

There is so much to look forward to at Oxygen in 2023Come to Oxygen to be inspired and creative all year long” says Education Coordinator, Natasha Smith. She hopes the year-long format and extra classes will help people plan for all their arts education explorations through the year.

Oxygen is also adding some affordable community-based programming to their semesters.

Starting in February, Oxygen will be partnering with the Polka Dot Dragon Arts Society to offer lantern-making workshops prior to their festival in February. Following this is a new opportunity: Art Speak – Peer to Peer Work Sharing that invites artists of all disciplines (professional or not) to share their work in a safe space and engage in contemporary art dialogue with other open-minded art loving individuals.

Learn the fundamentals of drawing, build your painting skills, try out lino, silkscreen, and low-tech printmaking, bind some books, learn 16mm low-tech film processingdevelop your solo performance, be an actor, recall memories, start dreaming, and write what you love!

To register and learn more about the semesters, classes, and instructors, click here. Registration takes place through Google Forms on a first-come first-serve basis. Class sizes are small, ranging from seven to twelve students in each.

Join the magic that is learning a new skill and exploring creative processes this year at
Oxygen Art Centre. Learn more about the Spring semester on our website.