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NEW EMPLOYEESOxygen Art Centre welcomes two new employees, Gabby Asbell as our Education Assistant and Daniel Reilly as our Gallery Assistant this Summer!
Gabby Asbell (She/They (L)) is a local highschool student and aspiring artist. Gabby is looking to pursue a career in filmmaking, and is very grateful to be a part of Nelson’s thriving art community through local theatre, choir, film and organizations like Oxygen. Recently she has been working on her portfolio through photography work at Tiny Lights, videography for social media and her own creative writing.
Daniel Reilly (He/They (R)) is a film production student at Concordia University, Montreal. Having grown up queer in Nelson, Daniel strives to create more queer representation and outreach for people who live in small communities and rural areas through his filmmaking.
The positions are generously supported by the Canada Summer Jobs and Young Canada Works programs. Welcome, Gabby + Daniel!YOUTH EDUCATIONROCK /PAPER / SCISSORS /IN PERSON @ OXYGEN ART CENTREWhen: 6 classes: September 18 – October 30, 2023 (no Class Oct. 9)
/Mondays, 4:15 pm – 5.45 pmWho: Youth, 11-14 yrsWith: 2 artist instructors:// Brian Lye – Filmmaker// Rayya Liebich – Poet & Writer
What: Join filmmaker Brian Lye, and poet Rayya Liebich on a multidisciplinary adventure to create a stop-motion animation film using an altered book as a springboard for story.  Rayya will demonstrate how to write blackout poems, create book folds, and use decoupage techniques inside a hardcover book.  Brian will then show you how to bring objects, words, and drawings to life using stop-motion animation. The culminating project will be a short movie of your chosen figurine/narrator literally jumping out of your book to tell a story through voice, image, and fun filming techniques.  Come ready to learn, explore, and be amazed!
Student Fee:  $60 (All materials included)Spaces limited!REGISTERWORM /HOLEIN PERSON @ OXYGEN ART CENTREWhen: 8 classes: September 22 – November 10, 2023 (no Class Oct. 6)/Fridays, 4:15 pm – 6:15 pm (2 hours)Who: Youth, 15-18 yrsWith: 3 artist instructors:// Catherine McIntosh – Visual Artist// Myra Rasmussen – Multi-disciplinary Artist// Marcus Dénommé – Printmaker
What: Join artists Myra Rasmussen, Marcus Dénommé, and Cath McIntosh on a journey into printmaking. Students will learn a variety of techniques and printmaking practices including monoprinting, lino printing, screenprinting, dry point + experimental low-tech methods. In the final session students will combine these techniques in a printmaking marathon to create unique art books, portfolio pieces, printed bags and clothes or posterzines. You choose! Enter a new spacetime continuum with a fun group of artists and fellow students to explore the dimensions of printmaking!
Student Fee:  $85 (All materials included)Spaces limited!REGISTERFALL SEMESTER
Plan ahead! Oxygen’s Fall 2023 Semester is now open for registration. Continue learning a medium, explore a new one, dream, sing, and gather together, make your own screen printed artist book, and learn to paint!

Learn about the classes, instructors, and how to register via our website. Spaces limited. Contact Natasha Smith (Education Coordinator) with questions or registration support.
LEARN MOREFigure Drawing #3  (no instruction)IN PERSON4 Classes: Sept 17, 24 Oct 1, 8Sundays: 6:30 – 8:30pm
Drawing sessions will provide the opportunity to draw from a model with poses ranging from 1 minute to 20 minutes. No instruction is offered. Students are expected to provide the drawing materials of their choice.TOTAL FEE: $60REGISTERArt Speak – Peer to Peer Work Sharing Facilitated by Emilie Leblanc KrombergIN PERSON4 Classes: Sept 21, 28, Oct. 5, 12Thursdays: 5 – 6:45pm
Artists of all disciplines (professional or not) are invited to share their work in a safe space and engage in contemporary art dialogue with other open-minded art loving individuals. Themes will be proposed as a potential starting point for exchanges and artistic practices to grow collectively. The objective for this workshop is for artists to make, share, discuss, and learn together. TOTAL FEE: $40REGISTERDreaming into Poetry with Rose NielsenIN PERSON8 Classes: Sept. 19, 21, 26, 28, Oct. 3, 5, 10, 12Tues. & Thurs.: 10am – 12pm
This course offers a poetry-writing approach that looks through the lens of Jungian dreamwork as we search for images, symbols, and metaphors in our dreams, bringing unconscious material into consciousness. In the process, we will explore a variety of fixed form and free verse poetry to learn which forms might best serve the dream’s tone and theme. TOTAL FEE: $230Registration Deadline: SEPTEMBER 12REGISTERBalkan Choir with Bessie WappIN PERSON8 Classes: Sept. 21 – Nov. 9Thursdays: 7 – 9pm
Add your voice to the bold dissonance and clear sweetness of ancient multipart Eastern European a cappella songs of love and lust, harvest and hearth, wartime, badly arranged marriages, and drunken husbands. No prior experience required. In the last class we will enchant an audience with what we’ve learned. Material Fee: $10Course Fee: $230TOTAL FEE: $240Registration Deadline: SEPTEMBER 14REGISTERLino Printing – Making Greeting Cards and Exploring Colour with Myra RasmussenIN PERSON1 Class: Sept. 24Sunday: 1-4pm
In this class we will explore a few different ways to use colour in lino relief printmaking including rainbow rolls, coloured backgrounds, and reduction technique.  Each participant will then carve and print one or two lino blocks (depending on time).  We will work with 4” x 4.5” blocks, which are a perfect size to experiment with new techniques and to make handmade greeting cards. No previous lino printmaking experience required.Material Fee: $15 (all materials provided)Course Fee: $50TOTAL FEE: $65Registration Deadline: SEPTEMBER 15REGISTERDrawing The Costumed Figure with Deborah ThompsonIN PERSON4 Classes: Oct. 4 – 25Wednesdays: 5:30 – 8:30pm
This four week imaginative and process-based course will focus on drawing skills through the study of the costumed figure. Staged poses with a costumed model will serve as the main prompt throughout the course. Review of primary drawing elements such as line, mark, value, and space will be covered as an introduction to the language of drawing. Specific exercises will explore compositional strategies, use of value or tonal range, and contrasting textures will be part of the curriculum. Studies will be used to develop a narrative drawing. Photographs taken of the model or from other sources will also be explored towards their use in developing a drawing. One-on-one and group critiques will be ongoing. Attention will be drawn to the use of the costumed figure throughout the history of art. Materials: graphite, coloured chalks, charcoal, conté, and a variety of papers.Note: This course is best suited to students with some previous drawing experience and an interest in exploring narrative qualities of the figure.  Material Fee: $20 + Material ListCourse Fee: $205TOTAL FEE: $225REGISTERJOINSupport your artist-run centre by becoming an Oxygen Art Centre Member.

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