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Oxygen Art Centre launches the first phase of an online youth arts education program entitled freezer cheese. Generously supported by the BC Arts Council Pivot Program and Osprey Community Foundation, freezer cheese offers a series of six free art demonstration videos for youth (ages 15 – 30) and gift cards to purchase art supplies to follow along.

Art demonstration videos are led by Oxygen’s artist instructors featuring mediums such as concrete poetry, stop-motion animation, colour theory, painting portraiture, and everything in between! All videos are available on Oxygen’s YouTube channel and website beginning January 10, 2021.

Instructors include regional artists Kristy Gordon, Jaymie Johnson, Rayya Liebich, Brian Lye, Deborah Thompson, and prOphecy sun, and features a digital animation by Jonathan Ramos and an original soundtrack by Ok Vancouver Ok. All six of the videos are edited by emerging videographer Grady Robertson.

Free art supply gift cards are generously supported by Cowan’s Office Supplies Ltd. (Nelson, Canada) and are available to youth, ages 15 – 30, who are located in the West Kootenay region on a first come first serve basis. Sign-up to receive your gift card today by clicking here or visiting Oxygen’s website. Gift cards will be mailed to participants with a material list and freezer cheese sticker. Each video is accompanied by a material list for folks to access the same or similar supplies.

The overarching project takes place until April 2022 under the title, freezer cheese, derived from the fated piece of cheese—dairy or otherwise—that sits safely in the freezer awaiting the moment it is needed for nutrition, for comfort, for enjoyment. It is a reminder of the ongoing pandemic, but also evokes a sense of play and curiosity.

Art demonstration videos are available on Oxygen’s YouTube channel and website. Register for a free art supply gift card to Cowan’s Office Supplies Ltd. by visiting by clicking here or visiting Oxygen’s website. Gift cards are available for youth, ages 15 – 30, on a first come first serve basis.

This project is generously supported by British Columbia Arts Council, Osprey Community Foundation, and Cowan’s Office Supplies Ltd.

Image Credit: Animation still by Jonathan Ramos, 2021