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Oxygen Art Centre shares educational art videos for free online

Oxygen Art Centre is excited to share four educational art demonstration videos now available for free through our online channels.
The videos are created by artists Jaymie Johnson (Gallery Assistant, Canada Summer Jobs) and Natasha Smith (Education Coordinator).
Natasha Smith shares a demonstration on Low-Tech Printmaking, offering a step-by-step instructional on the materials and techniques to create your own print at home. Using natural materials, Smith creates magical prints with ferns and leaves found in her backyard.
Jaymie Johnson shares three video demonstrations. The first video guides viewers how to make your own ink using natural or botanical matter like red cabbage. The second video is all about accordion bookmaking, where Johnson shares two methods to making a sketchbook or notebook utilizing materials you might already have at home. The third video explains how to make your own zine. Johnson guides viewers through a stop motion animation drawing explaining how to fold, cut, and develop your own zine.
Start creating at home today! Share your creations by tagging us on Instagram or by sending us an email.
Audio and video image description transcriptions for all videos can be accessed on Oxygen’s website. All videos are free and can be accessed on Oxygen’s website and YouTube channel.
Oxygen’s educational demos are generously supported by the Province of British Columbia, the Government of Canada, Vancouver Foundation, United Way, and Osprey Community Foundation.
View videos here [https://oxygenartcentre.org/classes/demos/].
Image Credit: How to Make an Accordion Book (Video Still)Oxygen Art Centre Educational Demo, Created by Jaymie Johnson, 2020