Rough Seas and Calm Waters

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Rough Seas

September 23, 2020

When is something going to be done about the mess of people on Baker street.

The crowd beside the Portable Loo is horrible, the mess the intimidation. What does city hall do about this!

Rough Seas

August 21, 2020

To the person or persons who feel it is OK to spray graffiti on private property. Your a special kind of person. All lives matter!  I hope you get caught and get what you deserve!

Rough Seas

June 13, 2020

To the sour lady, who choose the low road, When she insulted the local fireman. I am sure what they did with their truck was not for show, perhaps for safety. And how dare you compare brave fireman to the cowards that shoot innocent animals.

These firemen are brave and protect us.

If yous want regional fire protection, move to a place that has it.

Rough Seas

May 19, 2020

I’ve barely survived Nelson the past five years ive been here. I moved for school to which I was homeless throughout and when I reached out for help I was swallowed whole. You boast your community up to be progressive but its not. The only community ive experienced is the homeless, garbage and recycling system is archaic and wheres the free store that every other place in Canada has but you? And water/infrastructure hookup for a shack is the same as a mansion. These are basic needs Nelson WTF!!

Rough Seas

April 29, 2020

Do you know that a full time worker at the Kootenay Coop is making less than the CERB benefit? Please sign and share this petition to say they deserve a living wage and compensation for being a front line worker! ☺️

A living wage in Nelson BC is $18.46

Here is a link to a report about how this was calculated.

Rough Seas

April 24, 2020

I feel disappointed today as I trusted our community in Nelson to be an honest one. I had a kind friend deliver me food to my doorstep in uphill as I was in need, and it was stolen before I even got to it. I hope you needed it more whoever you are, but if that were the case I would have happily shared it with you. It’s no time for delinquent stunts like that when we’re all struggling…some more than others. We should be able to count on our community more than ever right now.