Rough Seas – Calm Waters

Welcome to I Love Nelson’s new feature “Rough Seas and Calm Waters”. This is your place to anonymously give someone a pat on the back or get a little something off your chest. DO NOT use peoples names or name places/businesses in Rough Waters posts. ALL posts will be reviewed by our moderator before being posted.

Yesterday as I held a door for a 20 something, I had to yell “your welcome” as she passed thru. When did manners go out of style. Millennials
I heard a story or a rumor, Gyro Park pool may closed permanently. ?????
People keep saying that masks work, and they get all defensive, but I wish they’d look up the real scientific studies that show they don’t. Humanity pays for huge studies, in this case involving thousands of people, and then ignore them. There’s so much good info been gathered and is implemented in places like Sweden, but ignored here…
Thank you to the car that pulled over for me to get by on on narrow streets. I glad you noticed I was greatful with my wave, when you returned a wave. Bravo!
My light bill for the city of Nelson was not paid on time. I was about 2 weeks late. $282.00 was the amount. The interest the city charged me for was 14.00 Just a little bit much eh.
What is public health doing about the rat problem at Safeway?
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