Rough Seas and Calm Waters

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Calm Waters

December 18, 2019

Meditation can be a focus on anything you are doing. May I suggest that people learn to focus; really hear what is being said. Make it a meditative practice! Read and reread your email from someone, especially if there are questions attached. Really listen when someone is talking to you, don’t be anxious to fill in the pauses. In that silence, you might hear what they are really expressing and what they need. And be able to respond accordingly. I promote active listening for understanding!

Rough Seas

November 17, 2019

Congratulations to all those who can not park their vehicles between the lines. You must be special and deserve to take up two spaces? Thanks for causing more energy to be wasted while people drive around looking for a place to park. Shame on you.

Calm Waters

November 11, 2019

It’s wonderful that so many people showed up in Nelson to pay respect on Remembrance day at the Cenotaph. Ya Canada, and all that served for our freedom, thank you for the free country we live in toda

Rough Seas

October 8, 2019

To the rude receptionist at the RCMP office in Nelson.
Please make an attempt to be professional when dealing with the public. The RCMP go out of their way to treat everyone with respect.
Please follow their example.

Calm Waters

September 29, 2019

To all the wonderful bloom-in. The baskets, pots, planters and the gardens in the parks. The cities workers do a wonderful job. Keeping summer colourful!

Rough Seas

September 28, 2019

While at the recent ceremony honoring Jarret Stoll’s induction into the Kootenay Ice Hall of fame one couldn’t help noticing the entire presentation was delivered to the empty end of the rink undoubtedly so photos showed a fuller house in the background.