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The Civic Theatre – 7 days to go!

Dear friends,

As July draws to a close, we enter the final push of our 2019 This is 7  fundraising appeal.

In June, the Nelson Civic Theatre Society turned 7 and gave us a chance to look back on 2,450 screenings of 845 films, over 250,000 tickets sold, and more than 2,500 tickets given away to community organizations!

Thank you for all the generous support received over the past few weeks, helping us to celebrate this milestone.
Now, our capital renovation is on the horizon.  But until we actually add 2 more theatres, we still need your help to support our operations.  There are only 7 days left to reach our goal of $10,000 raised by July 31.
Help us supplement our operations and close our fiscal year in the black!

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