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The Civic Theatre – The Pitch for the week

“I can’t wait!  This Friday sees the return of the epic world of Dune to the big screen. Although there are many fun cult elements, and of course Sting in his wing tipped metal underwear, David Lynch’s version left much to be desired for those who were fans of the book.  And although I am nervous about whether Denis Villeneuve’s version will do Frank Herbert’s groundbreaking book proud, I am comforted knowing that the Canadian director has already pulled off a great atmospheric follow-up that did justice to the original with, Blade Runner 2049, and the fact that he has decided to break the epically long book into two movies, rather than slashing away the subtlety and ambience to fit the whole epic into a single rushed film. 

So far the second part hasn’t been confirmed, but apparently Villeneuve and his team have carefully considered how to best tell certain events and storylines inside each movie, rather than a simple division of first and second halves of the book. Villenueve has also expressed that everyone at Warners and Legendary are 100% behind what they have created and only a devastating box office performance would prevent Part 2 from being made. So with that said, if you want to ensure Dune continues, plant your thumper, climb up on a sand worm and ride on down to the Civic Theatre to help build up that box office from Oct. 22 – 28th.”