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 The Nelson Italian Canadian Society

A Meal Without Wine is Called Breakfast,  The Nelson Italian Canadian Society organizes their annual Wine Grape & Juice Fundraiser

Fall is here again and with it comes the bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables. It is also a time of
great anticipation for winemakers as they patiently await the arrival of this year’s harvest.
If you savour sharing a nice glass of wine during a meal with family and friends and are
interested in making your own wine, then the Nelson Italian Canadian Society can help you
source out wine grapes and juice from California.

Over the past three years this annual community fundraiser has brought a semi trailer full of
grapes and juice from California directly to Nelson for distribution to winemakers stretching
from Grand Forks to Cranbrook.

Proceeds from this event have gone back into the community to support a variety of local

Orders of wine grapes and wine juice will be taken on a first come first served basis. Don’t miss

If you are interested in placing an order, please provide the following information:

  • Your name & phone number
  • What you wish to order: GRAPES, JUICE or BOTH
  • How many cases of grapes or pails/barrels of juice
  • What varieties you would like to order

  • For more details, or to place an order, contact the Nelson Italian Canadian Society via email at or phone Paul at 250-505-6482.