Art for Food Post

View Point Art Gallery – Art for Food Campaign

I hope you have been keeping well. As you know Covid 19 has greatly impacted the Arts & Culture sector and we have been working tirelessly since our closure on March 15 to get the Gallery online. We now are excited to announce that our Online Shop is OPEN! Please go to our website, Viewpointartgallery.comto enter the Online Shop which proudly features all 60 of our fabulous artists in the Gallery with free local delivery or contact-free pick up service. We will gladly ship out artwork as well. 
Along with the new Online Shop, the Gallery has started a campaign, Art for Food which also launched on May 1, 2020. Several artists and artisans at the Gallery have generously donated their work in efforts to raise money for Food Banks in the Kootenay area. The Gallery is waiving commission and covering all processing fees on these items, so that 100% of the funds raised goes directly to the Food Banks in the Kootenay Region. 
Not sure what the upcoming months will bring, I can only hope things will turn around. I would greatly appreciate it if you could help promote the Gallery and our Art For Food Campaign.


Carolyn Beck, B. Des.,