What’s Playing at The Civic (Jan. 20 – 26)

We continue our Golden shower of great film with another week of Globe winners and nominees. Whether the rumors of Trump’s Russian bed wetting fiasco are true or not, it is certainly a compelling story, but not worthy of a Golden Globe nomination like the films being screened at The Civic this week. Sharing the weekend/Tuesday run, […]

Oxygen Art Centre

F O R   I M M E D I A T E   R E L E A S E     New exhibition celebrates over a decade of arts programming at Oxygen Art Centre!   Throughout 2017 Oxygen Art Centre will stage many events that reflect the work of the centre over the past 14 […]

What’s Playing at The Civic (Dec. 30 – Jan. 12)

mDo Stormtroopers wear pajamas to their imperial bunks? I’d like to think a Stormtrooper could shake off a day of oppressing the galaxy in a cozy onesie with maybe a cat curled up at their feet. If this luxury is out of the reach of your average Stormtrooper, it is certainly not so for you, […]

What’s playing at The Civic (Dec. 16 – 29)

Rogue One checking in! The world premiere happened a couple of days ago and all the geeks that we know and love are losing their minds on how good Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is.  Kevin Smith (Clerks) tweets it’s “Empire Strikes Back great.” Rainn Wilson (The Office), tweeted “It was actually AMAZING!!! Super fun & exciting. Ties […]

Nelson Police Department

  The Nelson Police Board is proud to announce that on December 8, 2016, retired Chief Constable Wayne Holland attended a ceremony at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton where he was presented the Order of Merit of the Police Forces.  The Order of Merit of the Police Forces honours the leadership and exceptional service […]

Oxygen Art Centre

  F O R   I M M E D I A T E   R E L E A S E    Try out for the 3rd annual Youth Arts Festival Talent Slam! In the spirit of encouraging young artists in our community, Oxygen Art Centre is thrilled to announce the 3rd annual Youth Arts Festival!  If you […]

5th Annual Breakfast with Santa

Films at the Nelson Civic Theatre – December 09 – 15, 2016

Mads x 2: The dark sorcerer and the Jedi, this week at The Civic. Cumberbatch, Mikkelsen, Swinton, McAdams and Ejiofor?  Marvel has secured a stellar cast for their latest entry Dr. Strange (PG). 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, this mix makes me want to give the superhero genre another chance.  We all know how long we’ve had to […]