Horoscope for the Week: June 11, 2021

Horoscope for the Week:  June 11, 2021 Tip of the Week: The Solar Eclipse on June 10 is the big news now. Although it is not ‘total’ as was the recent Lunar Eclipse, it is the bigger event, astrologically. The first basic reason is the fact that the Sun is involved, the star, and that it […]

Horoscope for the Week: June 4, 2021

Horoscope for the Week:  June 4, 2021 Tip of the Week: This week begins at the mid-point between the May 26 Total Lunar Eclipse and the June 10 Solar Eclipse which occurs at 19 Gemini 47. As well, Mercury is retrograde in its own sign at 20 Gemini 41, less than one degree away. So, […]

Nelson Police Department – Nelson’s Most Wanted List

For more information concerning wanted persons by the Nelson Police Department please follow the link to   http://www.nelsonpolice.ca/871/Nelsons-Most-Wanted        

Nelson Police Department

Police Stop Van Bringing Fentanyl Into City May 27, 2021 (Nelson, BC) – NPD has updated a previous media release regarding a rental van that resulted in the arrest of three individuals from Ontario. Marc MIREAULT (41) remains in custody following a NPD traffic stop that resulted in the largest amount of Fentanyl seized by […]

Horoscope for the Week: May 28, 2021

Horoscope for the Week:  May 28, 2021 Tip of the Week: The Full Moon on May 26 occurs at 6 Sagittarius 29 and it is a Lunar Eclipse. Because the Moon is symbolic of the past, roots, ancestry and history, when it is eclipsed it tends to point to the future, yet whereas Solar Eclipses […]

I Love Nelson – Website

I Love Nelson,  website is going to be rebuilt. Is there any thing special anyone would like to see. Please email me at info@ilovenelson,

Nelson Police Department – Bear Awareness & Safety

Notice to Public: Bear Awareness & Safety The Nelson Bylaw Department, in collaboration with the Nelson Police Department and BC Conservation Officers, would like to remind residents how important this time of year can be for safety regarding wildlife such as bears and cougars. With bears coming out of hibernation and looking for food, we […]

Horoscope for the Week: May 21, 2021

Horoscope for the Week:  May 21, 2021 Tip of the Week: Gemini time begins under the light of the waxing Moon, seeded in Taurus. This reveals the usual seasonal themes of people spending lots of time in their gardens. The influence of Mars in Cancer is synchronizing with renovations and other projects which will bring […]