Kickstart Your Creativity at Oxygen

Oxygen Art Centre
320 Vernon Street
Nelson, BC, V1L 1N6
Creativity! Inspiration! New Ideas! Voice! Join Oxygen Art Centre’s talented instructors for fresh new courses in writing, singing, acting, painting, drawing, and photography.
Starting the week of February 15, Bessie Wapp offers her Singing the Blues class, in which students explore the rich swamp of the human voice in […]

Drumming from the Heart Jan.25

Next Drumming From The Heart Kootenay Community Drum Circle:
Tuesday Evening January 26th 2010: – Last drum circle until March 9th 2010
@ Nelson North Shore Hall
@ 7:15pm/8:45pm, $7.00/$5.00
@ 675 Whitmore Road
@ Nelson BC Canada.
Howdy Drummers!
One important reminder for Everyone: One more drum circle – tomorrow – and then a month long break – the drum circles will resume […]

The Glory and Difficulty

The work of the dervish community was to open the heart, to explore the mystery of presence… and to celebrate the glory and difficulty of being in a human incarnation.
-Coleman Barks, speaking of Rumi’s community
When she was about eleven, my daughter said something to me that stayed with me for years:
“There are two kinds of […]

A Meaning to Life

There is a phenomenon whereby people generate different perspectives of the same event.  Though one thing is happening, each observer may create a unique understanding.  An example is taste.  Something delightful like strawberry shortcake could come across as distasteful.  We mutually accept that it is okay to have differences of opinion, that no one is […]

Eco Society Update

Whitewater Resort Expansion – Public Consultation
Jan. 21st ,  1:00pm – 7:00pm, The Prestige Hotel. 
The Whitewater Ski Resort has recently proposed an amendment to their Master Plan that provides a blueprint for an extensive expansion of the ski hill, including development of on-site accommodation. While we wish to see Whitewater continue to be an important […]

Sacred Anxiety

Beyond living and dreaming
there is something more important:
waking up
(Antonio Machado)
A man I work with was telling me about how he spent the Christmas holidays with his family. He went back home to the big city to spend time with them. Before he arrived, he decided to try something new: he followed the impulses and desires […]

The Homing Instinct

I was working with a beautiful group of women this spring, exploring what it is to listen and express from the heart. We were opening to the simplicity of just being present for whatever shows up, without any agenda of our own. Of course it’s not so easy to just snap your fingers and make […]

Contra Dancing

The Nelson Contra Dance Society presents an evening with the traditional French duo Vazzy ( on Friday, January 15 at the Central School Gym, 811 Stanley St., Nelson.
The dances, all from Quebec except for one “Metis” dance, will include formations in quadrilles, squares, contra-dances and more. The “calling” will be in English…  Bryn Wilkin will […]