Discipline is a word that conveys a strong image in the mind of all who hear it; for me there is even a bodily reaction to the word discipline. I begin to tighten, my defenses go up and I prepare to protect my autonomy from outside invaders. At the same time as a parent and […]

Rant on Medical Expenses

Hi Dan,
What’s your tax advice on dental and health services? I need some dental work and it’ll cost about $2,000.00. How do I expend it?
Hi E
Nice to hear from you on this fine last day of spring day.
Your medical expenses are deductible. HOWEVER!
The interesting thing is that we all have standard medical expenses […]

Carbon Costs

British Columbia has entered a new era. Along with the majority of the world’s scientists, the province has determined that greenhouse gas emissions are affecting life on the planet.
Not content to stand by and force future generations to deal with the problem, Gordon Campbell’s government took a bold step, introducing the North American continent’s first […]

RRSPs and Home Buyers Plan

How long do you have to leave money in an RRSP regarding a Home Buyers Plan?
There are some important rules to follow in order to make the RRSP contributions work for the Home Buyer’s Plan. First, the RRSP contributions have to be made at least 90 days before being withdrawn for the HBP. Repayments must […]

Social Inclusion

Social Inclusion is a constantly evolving concept that has been expanded and explored over time as we come to accept, embrace and acknowledge the multiple ways humans express themselves. I have noticed a developing awareness within the schools in my community around the social environment and how we as adults can best support children in […]

Shopping for a Better World

Shopping – it’s something we all do.
And because of that, we shoppers are the most powerful people on the planet. Sadly, many of us just don’t know about the influence that resides in our wallets.
Now is a particularly good time to ask if our spending dollars are making a difference or just making a bad […]

Business Income Splitting

When running your own business, there are a number of income splitting opportunities. Many of these options apply whether or not the business is incorporated. You can hire your family and pay them a salary.
If a corporation is a Small Business Company (SBC), your spouse and children can be shareholders and receive dividends, without concern […]

Enjoying the Ride

Chaos, a word with immense transformational power, a word that when given life can create fear and a word I do not like to associate with my home. Yet here it is, I am standing in it; it is knee-deep, contains the remains of a joy filled weekend, and it is mine to create order […]