What’s Playing at The Civic, 18 – 24 January 2019

Travels via the art house.  The Civic Theatre traverses America’s deep south to France, to the Middle East and finally Korea, all in one week. Hop in for a ride around the world.The Civic travels via the art house. Traversing America’s deep south to France, to the Middle East and finally Korea. 3 Golden Globe […]

What’s Playing at The Civic, 11 – 17 January 2019

Clint Mule(s) drugs over the border in Bumblebee + Free Solo, Burning and Golden Globe winning, The Wife Newsletter January 11 – 17 What’s in the trunk Clint?Maybe a teensy-weensy bit of drugs, as I’m a Mule for the Mexican cartel, but there’s also a lot of good films in here somewhere. Let me see… The Mule, […]

What’s Playing at The Civic, 04 – 10 January 2019

Playing at The Civic Jan 4 – 10 Happy New Year. From memes to war zone coverage and to the battles around the kitchen table.‘Ralph’ does the Floss, and more damage in cyberspace in Ralph Breaks the Internet playing Fri – Tues. Beyond the cat video, A Private War, tells the story of one of the most celebrated war […]

What’s Playing at The Civic, 21 – 27, December 2018

Dive into The Civic Theatre’s Holiday blockbuster I’m having fish tonight!Jason Momoa plays a briny version of Aquaman; not the blond Adonis of the comic series, which is a good move, I prefer my deep sea superheros to smell of seaweed not patchouli like a Californian surfer. James Wan of the Fast and Furious 7 and Conjuring takes over Snyder […]

What’s Playing at The Civic, 14 – 20, December 2018

Newsletter December 14 – 20 Your heart will grow 3-sizes!Your heart will grow a size with each of the 3 great titles we have on screen for you at The Civic Theatre this week. Benedict Cumberbatch voices the big green man in, The Grinch, in this hilarious retelling by the studio who brought you Ice Age, Despicable Me series, […]

What’s Playing at The Civic, 07 – 13, December 2018

Step into the ring at The Civic Gardens for the Dec 7 -13 main event December 7 – 13 Ring Side at The Civic GardensIn the blue corner, weighing in at 32 ounces of popcorn, the heavyweight champion of the world, ‘Creed II’, competes for eyes on-screen for the main-run Fri – Sun and Tuesday. […]

What’s Playing at The Civic, 30 November – 06 December 2018

A Foxy week ahead at The Civic   Newsletter November 30 – December 6 A Foxy week ahead at The Civic LoungeIt’s a Foxy week at The Civic Lounge, with two features from 20th Century Fox, so pull up and get a little glass and some ice and curl up in the Civic’s crushed velvet […]

What’s Playing at The Civic, 23 – 29, November 2018

Climb aboard Civic Air for a wild – Nov 23 – 29 Newsletter November 23 – 29 A full week ahead. Buckle up for a wild flight on Civic Air!A war pic crossed with Zombie film in ‘Overlord’, a remake by one Italian master of another Italian master’s cult classic, ‘Suspiria’. The Queen, Claire Foy, […]

What’s Playing at The Civic, 16 – 22, November 2018

Step into the Wizarding World this week at The Civic Theatre Newsletter November 16 – 22 Wands up, wallets out… Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald is here! Get your tickets early for this wild ride. At the end of the first film, the powerful Dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald (Depp) was captured by MACUSA (Magical Congress of the […]

What’s Playing at The Civic, 09 – 15, November 2018

What’s Playing at The Civic, 02 – 08, November 2018 Newsletter November 9 – 15 Pick your genre:  Hitting on all points, from Documentary/Music, Art House Western, Hollywood Horror, Indi-Psychedelic, Historical biography Drama and Sport/Adventure, we are putting our single-screen to full use this week at The Civic.Based on Canadian author Patrick DeWitt’s book, this […]