The Homing Instinct

I was working with a beautiful group of women this spring, exploring what it is to listen and express from the heart. We were opening to the simplicity of just being present for whatever shows up, without any agenda of our own. Of course it’s not so easy to just snap your fingers and make […]

Contra Dancing

The Nelson Contra Dance Society presents an evening with the traditional French duo Vazzy ( on Friday, January 15 at the Central School Gym, 811 Stanley St., Nelson.
The dances, all from Quebec except for one “Metis” dance, will include formations in quadrilles, squares, contra-dances and more. The “calling” will be in English…  Bryn Wilkin will […]

Eco Society Update

Hello EcoSociety Members & Supporters,

Locavore’s Feast!

A fun and very local event, the 100 mile Winter Potluck will take place at the Vallican Whole Community Centre on Saturday January 23rd at 5:30pm.

Silent Auction
Licensed Event
Be creative! Bring your stories, songs, magic tricks, juggling or any talent to share with us […]

Separating In Connection

The following is a transcription of a dialogue between Shayla Wright, Eric Bowers, and Melody Greger.  It has been edited for easier reading.
Shayla: My name is Shayla Wright.  I’m a teacher and a coach, and I’ve worked with a lot with couples in the last ten years.  I’m here today with Eric Bowers […]



What we hold true in our minds tends to become true in our lives.  For example, if we believe that eating a healthy diet will make us healthy, then it likely will.  Each of us must honour our own beliefs by staying true to ourselves.  It is not a matter of right or wrong because […]

Drumming From the Heart

Next Drumming From The Heart Kootenay Community Drum Circle:

Tuesday Evening January 5th 2010:
@ Nelson North Shore Hall
@ 7:15pm/8:45pm, $7.00/$5.00
@ 675 Whitmore Road
@ Nelson BC Canada.
Happy New Year Drummers!
2010 – Wow! Sounds like a futuristic year and yet here it is! Here and Now! This isn’t just a new year – it’s a new decade! I trust all of you […]

The Movement of Love

I spent five days in August at a retreat in the mountains. Our theme was Everything Changes. We engaged in a number of different contemplations, meditations and inquiries. One of my favorite questions was, “Do I really know that I will not die today?” As you can imagine, to sit alone and really open to […]

SHSS Grad Fashion Show

Ely’s Boutique and Kiss The Bride are teaming up with the SHSS grad council to produce a glam night of the latest prom trends
CASTLEGAR BC – On Thursday January 14, 2010 at 7pm SHSS grads will be producing a fundraiser to […]