Nelson enjoys four distinct seasons with the beauty and benefits of each season fully realized. Spring comes in March with a lifting of the clouds and a stretch of sunny days followed by spring showers and abundant plant growth. Summer arrives with an intensity that drives the locals to the beach late into the night for beach parties and barbeques. When fall comes with its welcome rain and stunning colours you will find people out on the streets and up in the mountains getting that last fix of snow free activities. Winter temperatures rarely go below -10 degrees Celsius; these temperatures, the proximity of Kootenay Lake and the surrounding Selkirk Range combine to create the best powder around for winter enjoyment.

Climate Details for Nelson:

Temperatures: Range in winter from -5C to 5C and in Summer from 15C to 27C

Rainfall: March – October: 25mm a month

Snowfall: November – March (December and January average 70 cm each month)