Diversity in Nelson comes in a multitude of forms, from our geographical terrain and forest ecosystems to the residents and their life style choices. Everyone is welcome in Nelson and there are community groups to support all interests and choices. With a thriving multi-aged population, four independent school systems and a support local ethic, Nelson is a safe and comfortable home for all who move here.

East meets west — Nelson welcomes all types of spiritual practices from Western Christian based religions to Earth based Spirituality and Eastern Philosophies . Along with creating connections with like-minded others you’ll find places to pray, meditate and chant according to your personal belief system.

Nelsonites care what goes into their bodies. Fresh organic produce, baked goods, meats and eggs can be found at most local grocery stores and supermarkets. These same organic foods can be found in the various restaurants serving either ethnic cuisine or western classics.
All year long the residents of Nelson, as well as the throngs of tourists, enjoy the various outdoor activities and sports that contribute to their mental and physical wellbeing. Summer sports like fishing, jet skiing, tubing, kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, sailing, wake boarding, swimming, climbing, hiking and mountain biking will keep you busy. As winter sets in, the crisp mountain air starts drawing crowds who enjoy skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, skating, snowmobiling and sledding. Of course you are welcome to sit back and enjoy the view while sipping the drink of your choice; we encourage rest and relaxation as well.

The people who live in Nelson — business people, artists, writers, actors, musicians, government workers, loggers, tree planters, educators and seniors share a sense of pride in the heritage of their city. This vibrant community respects one another and help is available in times of trouble.