The Antarctica Challenge

It is Earth’s fifth largest continent, yet devoid of permanent human inhabitants. Bigger than the contiguous 48 United States and Mexico together, Antarctica is the coldest, windiest and driest place on the planet.
Containing approximately 87 percent of the world’s ice and 70 percent of the world’s fresh water, Antarctica is often […]

Celebrating Local

A Personal Journey
I have to confess that I am a late bloomer in the local food scene. I used to listen to Deconstructing Dinner while preparing prawns in lemon grass and coconut milk over jasmine rice (the 7000 mile diet), never thinking that this had anything to do with me and my choices. When it […]

The Low-Carbon Path

We yak a lot about the economy in Canada these days when what we really need is more conversations about the low-carbon economy.
The news media gives us daily reports on the rise and fall of the stock markets; the fate of the Canadian dollar in relation to the American greenback is cause for constant concern.
Yet […]

Eat Local All Year Long

Food Prices Too High? Tired of overpriced, under – satisfying meals? Want to have fresh, local food on hand all year-round? It’s not hard to see the value in local, seasonal food, but how does one go about finding it, preparing it, and saving a little money along the way? Check out these ten tips […]

Parenting from Your Heart

Parenting from Your Heart
I recently revisited a favorite book of mine “Parenting from the Heart” by Inbal Kashtan and reflected on this compassionate technique for connecting with our children. Inbal offers her interpretation of Marshal Rosenberg’s work in Non Violent Communication and how we can apply it in daily life with our families. Connecting compassionately […]

Time for Reflection

Spiritual Awakenings at the Bodhi Day Spa…The first question that comes to mind, “what does aesthetic beauty have to do with spirituality?”  Are not these two qualities opposites in our lives?  In spirituality, we often need to rid ourselves of the vanity that comes with striving for a particular personal image, as the spirit is […]

Galena Trail

Trail name: Galena Trail
Location: Galena trail  runs from The Galena Trail runs from Rosebery to Three Forks can be accessed from three locations:

In Rosebery at the lake at the lake
From the top of the Sandon turnoff
Above New Denver at Denver Siding Road

Driving directions: Drive West from Nelson, towards Crescent Valley/Castlegar on Hwy 3A. At Crescent […]

The Great Treasure

Many call a life which is spiritually focused as “being on the path”.  What we arrive at by following spiritual practices is enlightenment, peace and liberation.
However, on the road to spiritual mastery, these practices are a means to an end.  The irony comes with the realization that there is nowhere to “be” and no place […]