A Foundation of Freedom

A Foundation of Inner Freedom, Empowerment and Peace.
By Eric Bowers

The human needs that we all share are the foundation of the Nonviolent Communication, NVC, process because it is in connecting to needs that we find inner freedom, empowerment, and compassion.  Unfortunately, many people have negative associations with the word “need”, such […]

Building Better Buildings

Almost all of us live and work in dumb buildings.
Our homes and workplaces are over-lit and under-insulated; their structural, electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems are aging, outdated and inefficient.
They waste: resources, water and energy.
The result is heating and lighting bills that are 50 percent higher than they need to be.
With poor eco-IQs, our buildings not […]

The Road To Compassion

Several years ago I worked in the north as an expedition river guide.   Three other guides and I would each take a raft loaded with clients, camping gear, and food and float down the Tatshenshini or Alsek river for up to 12 days.  I was completely enamoured with the magnitude and beauty of the rivers, […]

Free Feldenkrais Intro Lesson

Reduce your STRESS and Improve your HEALTH LEARN how to sense your body, CALM your nervous system, improve your ability to MOVE and IMPROVE the quality of your LIFE.

Wednesday March 25th at 7:15 pm,
Curves – 520 Fall St.
Wear warm comfortable clothing & bring a mat or blanket.

Followed by a 6 class series in Awareness Through Movement®,

Wednesdays April 1 – May 6 […]

The Alchemy of Writing

‘Barefoot Journeys’ and ‘Living Fully Life Productions’
The Alchemy of Writing One Day Workshop
April 5-10am-5pm
Mirror Lake Studio, Kaslo, BC
“Tell me what you plan to do with your one wild and precious life.” (Mary Oliver)
We live in a vast field of creative energy that wants to move through us. Opening to […]

Upcoming Brain Gym Training

Brain Gym® 101 ~ the foundation course in Educational Kinesiology
To be facilitated by Ric Levendosky, licensed Brain Gym instructor, practitioner and educational consultant for 17 years.
As a movement-based program, Brain Gym is centered around 26 quick, easy, and energizing movements and activities ~ some of which are derived from the profoundly important developmental movements of […]

Being in the Mystery

Truth and integrity are defined as the degree with which we can see reality for what it is.  However, once we form a perspective of what is around us, we are limited by that standpoint.  This is the quantum physics “collapse of the wave function”, where we take limitless potential and fixate it to a […]

Sacred Play Series

The Sacred Play Series: Awakening the Wonder of Your Personal Mystery
Five Sunday Afternoons, 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. – January 11th 18th, then February 1st, 8th, 15th,  2008
Week One – January 11, 2009: Re-imagining the Tarot Symbols, Remembering the Language of Your Soul
Tarot symbols have a reputation of being an esoteric knowledge held by […]