Physical Contact

As our children are born they leave a world in which they have been completely embraced by our physicality, where they are ‘held’ 24 hours a day for many months. That all encompassing touch is vital to the wellbeing of the child long after they are born contributing to their emotional, physical, psychological and social […]

Presence with Pain

Presence with Pain – The Art of Empathy
When people we are close to are going through challenges in their lives, our natural inclination is to want to support them, to help them through their pain and return to a place of peace and happiness.  Before I understood empathy as I understand it now, my response […]

Cities Can Benefit Climate

Cities Can Benefit Climate – and Save $
By Michael Jessen
In April 2007, Canada’s “new” government released a major study predicting that compliance with the Kyoto Protocol would result in an economic apocalypse.
The Environment Canada analysis revealed the Kyoto greenhouse gas emissions-cutting targets for Canada could only be met by introducing a massive $195-per-tonne carbon tax […]

It’s in the Bag

Beta videos, eight-track tapes, the manual typewriter, and the plastic shopping bag. They all went – or in the case of the latter – is going the way of the dodo bird.
A worldwide movement to ban the plastic shopping sack – if not in the bag – is certainly gathering momentum. It has arrived in […]


Discipline is a word that conveys a strong image in the mind of all who hear it; for me there is even a bodily reaction to the word discipline. I begin to tighten, my defenses go up and I prepare to protect my autonomy from outside invaders. At the same time as a parent and […]

Rant on Medical Expenses

Hi Dan,
What’s your tax advice on dental and health services? I need some dental work and it’ll cost about $2,000.00. How do I expend it?
Hi E
Nice to hear from you on this fine last day of spring day.
Your medical expenses are deductible. HOWEVER!
The interesting thing is that we all have standard medical expenses […]

Carbon Costs

British Columbia has entered a new era. Along with the majority of the world’s scientists, the province has determined that greenhouse gas emissions are affecting life on the planet.
Not content to stand by and force future generations to deal with the problem, Gordon Campbell’s government took a bold step, introducing the North American continent’s first […]

RRSPs and Home Buyers Plan

How long do you have to leave money in an RRSP regarding a Home Buyers Plan?
There are some important rules to follow in order to make the RRSP contributions work for the Home Buyer’s Plan. First, the RRSP contributions have to be made at least 90 days before being withdrawn for the HBP. Repayments must […]