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ByByLaurie SchneiderAug 1, 20191 min read

Arrest of Elope from Trail Daly Pavilion NPD file 2019-3279 On July 29th, 2019 Nelson Police Department received an assistance request from Trail RCMP regarding a male who had walked…

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Horoscope for August 2019

ByByLaurie SchneiderAug 1, 20194 min read

  Tip of the Month: August begins with a New Moon in Leo on day 1. Venus and Mars, princess and hero, on either side of the king and queen,…

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Playing at the Civic Theatre July 26 – August 01, 2019.

ByByLaurie SchneiderJul 26, 20194 min read

Newsletter July 26 – Aug 1 Yesterday July 26 – 30A struggling musician realizes he’s the only person on Earth who can remember The Beatlesafter waking up in an alternate timeline…

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The Civic Theatre – 7 days to go!

ByByLaurie SchneiderJul 26, 20191 min read

Dear friends, As July draws to a close, we enter the final push of our 2019 This is 7  fundraising appeal. In June, the Nelson Civic Theatre Society turned 7 and gave…

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Playing at the Civic Theatre July 19 – 25, 2019.

ByByLaurie SchneiderJul 19, 20193 min read

We put our Toys away over this week at The Civic to make room to play with the big kid toys for the next – See more Toy Story 4…