David Michael Hickey

Wednesday October 7th, 2009 Nelson, BC, North Shore Hall 7:30pm cost $15/person tickets at the door



“JOURNEY THROUGH THE SOLAR SYSTEM” with the magical tones of over 15 quartz crystal bowls, 10 paiste planet gongs and vibraphone. Presenter David Hickey. On tour across Canada with 52 shows in 65 day’s, this is a rare opportunity to experience this amazing […]

Drum Circle

Next Drumming From The Heart Kootenay Community Drum Circle:

Tuesday Evening October 20th 2009:
@ Nelson North Shore Hall
@ 7:15pm/8:45pm, $7.00/$5.00
@ 675 Whitmore Road
@ Nelson BC Canada.
Greetings Lovers of Drums,
Wow! Fall is here like right now – no fooling around eh?! Just two weeks ago I was sun tanning on the beautiful white sands of Six Mile […]

Invisible Thought Streams

Many years ago in Ottawa, I went swimming one Friday afternoon in the lake. For some reason, the lake water, along with the wax in my ears, swelled up and plugged my ears completely. I couldn’t hear a thing. My doctor could not see me until Monday afternoon, so I spent 3 whole days in […]

Intention and Integrity

“You are not a walking mistake
You are not a problem to be solved.” (Adya Shanti)
I remember one session of ‘The Gift of Presence’ where we were exploring intention, and how it really works. I asked the participants to spend some time contemplating what their deepest and strongest intentions were. One woman in the course called […]

Behind the Veil

Concepts and ideas are fleeting and change with time.  What is termed “important” today will change depending on who is talking.  From my perspective, it is generally regarded as important today to identify with a particular roll on Earth.  Such a roll, is meant to define us and we say, “I am a doctor”, or […]

Presence For The Past

“Given sincerity, there will be enlightenment.” –The Doctrine Of The Mean.
I began my day like many others: sitting in silence, a little exercise, some writing, and tracking of the endless vertical trail of emails.  While I was on the computer, Melody came down and began her day, picking up the silence where I […]

Alone and Not Alone

We must be willing to let go of the life we’ve planned, so we can open to the life that’s waiting for us.  (Joseph Campbell)
In Zen Buddhist practice, when you meditate you sit and face the wall. One thing this does is confront you with your aloneness. A fundamental aspect of being a human being […]

The Antarctica Challenge

It is Earth’s fifth largest continent, yet devoid of permanent human inhabitants. Bigger than the contiguous 48 United States and Mexico together, Antarctica is the coldest, windiest and driest place on the planet.
Containing approximately 87 percent of the world’s ice and 70 percent of the world’s fresh water, Antarctica is often […]