Economy Gains Steam

For the first time in its’ 14 year history, Canada’s premiere electronic music festival, Shambahala, has sold out of online tickets in May.   All this when when locals have just said goodbye to the snow. “This represents an enormous opportunity for our community,” says Corrine Zawaduk, Production Manager of Shambhala Music Festival.  “Our economic calculator […]

Tips to love yourself

The following article was written by Amber Stayer, a journalist for The Valley Sentinel. I felt it had a very important message that should be shared everywhere.  I hope you enjoy it. – Daniel

Tips to love yourself more.
By Amber Stayer
For those of you that haven’t found The Daily Love I would like to share this […]

Affordable Housing

Nelson, BC – Pat Davis and Al Benjamin of West Creek Developments studied the trends of the real estate market in the West Kootenay region, and realized that a new approach to housing in Nelson was needed: New home construction of exceptional value with pricing that is comparable to local rent.
As the city of Nelson […]

Honouring Mothers

This weekend, North Americans will be offering tributes to mothers and honouring the role they play in everyone’s lives. While this holiday has become highly commercialized it remains a worthy community and family practice. It is interesting to note that the modern origins of the holiday can be traced back to a mother’s response to […]

The Kootenay’s Little Secret!

By Daniel Betts
Many locals who regularly attend the Shambhala Music Festival will be very excited to learn that on March 4th, in London, England, Shambhala was named “Best Large Festival” at the 10th Annual Breakspoll International Breakbeat Awards. Shambhala came out ahead of much larger festivals including Burning Man in the United States (50,000+ attendees) […]

CB Green new website

West Kootenay EcoSociety and Wildsight Launch Sustainability Resource Website
Two Columbia Basin conservation organizations, the West Kootenay EcoSociety and Wildsight, have teamed-up to create, ‘CBgreen’, a website of sustainability initiatives throughout the Columbia Basin. They are appropriately launching the website during the week of Earth Day (April 18th – 25th) in the hopes of providing […]

Osprey Foundation Update

Wildsight’s “Classroom with Outdoors” –
connecting kids with nature and ecology
We’re inviting community groups to submit grant
applications for projects that would benefit Nelson
and area. We expect to have about $20,000 to
distribute this year. Application forms and guidelines
are now online at
Application deadline: April 29, 2011.
In addition, BC Festival of the Arts Legacy
grants are available to local artists, preferably
young or […]

Riding the Wave

A student and friend of mine went surfing in Oregon over Christmas. We has a conversation, a very brief one, when he returned.
“You can’t half catch a wave,” he said. “You have to commit to it, and then once you’ve caught the wave, you have to surrender. If you try to control it, you’ll never […]